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Wednesday, 18 October 2023


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Session 1: 09:00—11:45

Congress Opens

Gugulethu Mfuphi



SACSC Welcome

Sakina Nosarka

SACSC President


The Darkest Hour?

This year was meant to be better than 2022. But for many in South Africa, it’s worse. As we grapple with an ever-increasing list of problems, mostly self-induced, there is a growing fear that ongoing mismanagement of the country will see things get worse before they get better. Fortunately, an improving (albeit slowly) global backdrop should bring some relief. The challenge therefore is deciding between whether this is an opportunity or still too risky.

Jeremy Gardiner



Brand Marketing Redefined

Explore the strategic decisions, cross-platform integration, and innovative techniques that propel a new era of brand resonance. Uncover the invaluable lessons this shift offers to marketers and businesses looking to adapt and excel in today's dynamic market. This presentation is your gateway to understanding the power of reinvention and how it can reshape the future of brand marketing.

Dorien Kuiken
Founder & Managing Director
(International Speaker)

Jasemen Nassab
Strategist & Futurist
(International Speaker)


Turning a Burning Ship: The Edgars Turnaround Story

A lesson in obtaining strategic clarity through isolating the point of difference, and then overlaying insane amounts of energy and focus to bring about sustainable change. An even bigger lesson on not slowing down the level of innovation and initiatives post the recovery!

Norman Drieselmann




Halls 6 & 7

Session 2: 13:00—15:00

The Rising Trend of Health and Wellness and the Future of this Trend in Retail

The rising trend of health and wellness is likely to continue shaping the future of retail. Consumers are increasingly prioritising their well-being, leading to higher demand for products and services related to fitness, nutrition, mental health, and sustainability. Retailers are adapting by offering a wider range of healthier and eco-friendly options, incorporating technology for personalized experiences, and focusing on transparent and ethical practices. This trend is likely to drive innovation in retail strategies and offerings.

Stuart Sinclair

Mannee De Wet
Managing Director,

Philippa Feher
Head of Marketing

Andrew Busby


Achieving sustained success - using detailed customer profiling and geospatial analytics to find opportunities in tough times

The age old sports advice that "the best form of defence, is offence" also applies to how businesses need to be viewing the current economic environment. This presentation will provide an overview of key changes in the consumer market over the last year, leveraging a diverse set of data sets. Steve will then unpack how the intelligent application of these insights can be used to identify and size key consumer market opportunities for the future.

Steven Burnstone



Navigating the Next Generation of Communications Technology to Leverage Benefits for the Retail Sector, Consumers and Landlords

Digital transformation and management thereof are key to retailers and the Increased reliance and the need for fast connectivity to support various activities such as digital payments, remote working, and live inventory management has become the norm of our daily lives. There is a gap between the demand for growth and the current telecoms and fibre coverage, as well as the expected investments of such infrastructure expansion and upgrades to meet the evolving technological advancements and benefit the retail sector, consumers and landlords.

Mark Swemmer

Managing Director


Refreshment break

Halls 6 & 7

Session 3 (15:45—17:30)

How Influence has Shaped the Retail Consumer

Retailers, for many years, were the trend-setters and tastemakers for consumers, telling them what they needed to buy and when they needed to buy it. Trends would cascade down through retail chains to consumers for multiple categories like food, clothing, technology and more. Over time, that power that brands and retailers used to hold has shifted to the hands of consumers themselves. A trend in retail can truly come from any source now, including from social media, media, bloggers, other consumers, retailers and brands in all forms. The acceleration of trend creation and adoption through vehicles like TikTok and Instagram have had large ramifications on the retail industry and its consumers in places like demand planning, supply chain management, marketing and merchandising. Learn more about the formation, dissemination and impacts of retail trends in the market today on consumers and retailers themselves and how to apply these principles to consumer insights and retail strategies of the future.

Andrew Busby

(International Speaker)


How ChatGPT will Change Retail, Shopping Centres and the Retail Experience

ChatGPT is poised to redefine the retail landscape. Learn how AI-driven virtual shopping assistants can personalize interactions, provide real-time recommendations, and seamlessly blend online and offline shopping experiences. Uncover the potential for enhanced customer engagement, operational efficiency, and the creation of intelligent shopping hubs within malls. This presentation promises insights into the transformative power of ChatGPT in shaping the future of retail and how it will impact the shopping centre industry.

Simon Dingle

Author, Broadcaster, Designer, and Entrepreneur


Retail Reinvented: Exploring Key Trends and Technological Innovations

In the dynamic world of retail, constant innovation and adaptation are crucial for success. This presentation delves into the exciting transformation occurring in the retail industry. This thought-provoking session will navigate through the latest trends and advancements, showcasing how technology is reshaping consumer experiences, shopping behaviours, and innovation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the revolutionary forces driving the reinvention of retail with real examples around the world. Prepare to explore the forefront of innovation and discover how businesses can thrive in this new era of retail.

Paula Macaggi

(International Speaker)


Cocktail Party

Halls 6 & 7

Thursday, 19 October 2023


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Exhibition Open

Halls 6 & 7

Session 4: 09:00—11:45

Welcome Day 2 / Recap Day 1

Gugulethu Cele



Understanding the Digitally-Savvy Kasi Shopper: A New Era of Township Customer Experience

Discover the untapped potential of South Africa's vibrant kasi economy with Mongezi Mtati, a seasoned brand strategist at Rogerwilco. This presentation offers a sneak peek into the 2023 Township CX Report's groundbreaking findings on spending, saving habits, digital growth, and favoured brands in township communities. Analysing past trends and highlighting the need for customised marketing approaches, Mtati shares his unique insights on digital marketing's role in shaping customer experiences within this distinctive, rapidly developing ecosystem.

Mongezi Mtati

Senior Brand Strategist


Creating an Authentic South African Experience

The Imbizo Shisanyama experience celebrates the true African style and culture and has taken Africa and the world by storm and successfully commercialised the Shisanyama concept to revolutionise the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. Join us as we zoom in on this authentically South African brand.

Rita Zwane



Darkest Before Dawn: How long should you wait before reduced loadshedding improves the prospects for GDP growth and a stronger SA consumer?

The hope trade is that we have hit the lowest point in growth and confidence for SA. As loadshedding prospects look to reduce going forward, we worry that any expected flow through to the SA consumer are going to be delayed. Interest rates, anaemic wages and global commodity prices rolling over are going to provide headwinds. However, when the cycle turns, we think there is meaningful upside and opportunities for growth.

David Smith

Retail Analyst
(International Speaker)


AI has Revolutionized the Shopping Experience

AI's ability to gather and analyse customer data has revolutionized the way retailers offer personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Through various methods such as tracking online behaviour, purchase history, and social media activity, AI can gather data and identify patterns that help retailers understand the preferences and behaviours of their customers.

Elbre Pienaar

Head of Marketing & Communications
H&M South Africa



Halls 6 & 7

Session 5: 12:25—13:45

ESG in the Retail Industry

The retail industry is not unaffected by climate change. The buzzword, ‘sustainability’ captures this and the increasing focus on ESG. In this talk, we explore the latest developments and global green trends in the retail and consumer industry. We share critical insights from the PwC June 2023 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey regarding consumer’s perceptions of sustainability. In addition, we explore the significant advances made over the last year towards a global baseline of sustainability reporting.

Ronel Fourie
Partner: Corporate Reporting Services Division PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS

Shreeya Jugnandan
Senior Manager: Corporate Reporting Services Division PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS


Where Are Your Customers Shopping? Why Isn't it Your Retail Store?

Shoppers are being enticed by the marketplace because the retail store is not offering a human-centric experience. The marketplace will kill the retail location. What do retail stores need to do to resist consumers' attraction to the marketplace?

Andrew Austin

(International Speaker)


Decoding Antifragility in order to THRIVE

You’ve heard all the cliches in the last three years about being resilient, learning to adapt, and the absolute best “businesses must PIVOT in order to survive”. The intent is pure but practically, this advice isn’t enough when the economic headwinds feel like they continue to gain speed. Join Mark Sham for a no-nonsense chat around the concept of “antifragility”. This isn’t a motivational session but rather a practical guide of how to grow and thrive because of extreme stressors, chaos, and disorder.

Mark Sham

Marketing Disruption Speaker
CEO & Founder


Congress Wrap Up

Gugulethu Cele



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