Master of Ceremonies: Gugulethu Mfuphi

Tuesday, 12 October 2021


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Bush Boma Dinner

Wednesday, 13 October 2021


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Session 1


Sakina Nosarka

SACSC Vice President


The Ultimate Winter of Discontent

We have endured almost two years of Covid, a slow vaccine rollout, a rampant third wave exposing a weak and depleted healthcare system, plus another lockdown further exacerbating an already tough economic climate. And then came the riots. Join us as we try and give some insight into the impact that this will have on you, your investments, our economy and the country we live in.

Jeremy Gardiner

Marketing Director, Communication NINETY ONE


Creativity in Crisis: The Innovative Future of Retail

In times of crisis and change comes creativity, as brands struggle to adjust to a new world where online surges forward faster than ever. Technology is transforming the physical shopping experience and the pandemic has accelerated the decline of traditional retail models, from department stores to shopping malls. However, at the same time, exciting new versions are emerging. The pandemic has taught us all the power of physical experience, hospitality and community, and retail is bouncing back fast. Matthew will take you on an inspiring, fast paced, visual journey to show how innovation is flourishing around the world and in every retail sector. The Roaring Twenties await!

Matthew Brown

Retail Futurist, ECHOCHAMBER



Session 2

Embracing eCommerce - How Brick & Mortar Retailers Can Grow their Sales through Online

Instead of relying on the footfall past your front door you should be attracting customers right around the country and even right around the world. Adopting an omnichannel approach is not as easy as people make it sound but when done correctly it can not only increase your sales but also help you to gather better information about your clients so that you can adapt your business and your products ahead of the trends.

Warrick Kernes



The Retail Evolution: How Have Consumers Changed?

In a world where digital and online shopping is increasing, the fact remains that retail is not dead and e-commerce merely extends the customer experience, while the majority of shopping is still done in-store. The important elements to understand is what the actual customer wants, how they want it, and how to ensure that the experience is not only available on an omnichannel platform, but that consistency and relationships are built. During this session we unpack consumer behaviour and changes, pre- and during lockdown and truly understand, how our market has changed and what the new key drivers for a successful engagement and brand love, requires.

Maria Petousis

Executive: TGI, Media & Finance ASK AFRICA


The Next Frontier is Experience Innovation

Dustin Garis, through his global expeditions, has uncovered a brand revolution that focuses on life-enriching experiences. Coined “LifeProfit,” this creates the single most desired brand engagements by consumers, and it’s the engine behind innovative work forces. There’s a shift taking place. Leadership brands now focus on experiences that get people to live their brand. Taking your brand off the shelf and out of media, to authentically enrich people’s life experiences, generates the highest level of loyalty, advocacy, and sales (with a game-changing 95% lift). Dustin shares case studies from the world’s most innovative brands at the forefront of the experience revolution.

Dustin Garis

Brand Innovator, Customer Experience Pioneer




Networking Cocktails

Thursday, 14 October 2021


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Session 3

SA Economy and Consumer Outlook

Overview of the retail market and listed property funds, the implications for the economy and consumer in 2021-2022 and beyond. What can be expected from the consumer and economy.

Arthur Goldstruck


Kundayi Munzara



Agility is the New Stability

Paul Simon & Arie Fabian share their intrepid journey of building We Are EGG in the heart of Covid. They will share their vision, the volatility & the vulnerability in opening 3000sqm of retail of the future on 01 December 2020. We Are EGG is redefining & redesigning the traditional retail landscape by democratising it. EGG is not only a department store but more accurately a platform for others to stand on. An ecosystem to thrive & grow.

Arie Fabian

Co-Founder, WE ARE EGG

Paul Simon

Founder & CEO, WE ARE EGG


Retail Design in a Post Pandemic World

Consumers are waiting to be social again. As consumers free themselves from home isolation, it’s the perfect time for experiential concepts to shine.

Michael Ellis

Principal, 5+ DESIGN

Cornus Strydom


Francois Bredenkamp

Design Director & Partner, TJ ARCHITECTS



Session 4

The South African Consumer landscape: Looking ahead to 2022

The UCT Liberty Institute of Strategic Marketing has been observing the shifting consumer landscape from early 2020 until now. No segment has been unaffected by the pandemic and South Africans across the spectrum have been impacted in different ways. This presentation takes a look at South Africa from richest to poorest and summarises some key movements, focusing in on the Institute’s most recent research on how young people are looking ahead to life after the pandemic and how this could impact on shopping centres.

James Lappeman



It’s all About the Journey

Stephen McGown was kidnapped by Al Qaeda for five years eight months and held far into the Sahara, he is currently the longest held surviving Al Qaeda hostage in the world. Stephen believes that we should not shy away from tough times, these are the perfect moments to learn and grow.

Stephen McGown

Motivational Speaker



Additional Recorded Presentations

In addition to the two-day programme, registered in person and virtual conference delegates will have access to a number of additional added value recorded presentations. These include:

Great Place to Work, is a Great Place to Shop

Personal leadership tools to cultivate a resilient and positive perspective and work environment amidst adversity.

Liesel Scott

Co-founder & Facilitator, OPEN CIRCLES

Be Distinct or Be Extinct

The pandemic has fundamentally redefined what we do and how we do what we do - when it comes to how we run our businesses and how we engage and interact with our customers. If there is anything the pandemic has taught business globally, the question is not if the next crisis will hit but when"." Consequently, it this new dynamic and highly disruptive world, organizations need to be able to do three things well - firstly intentionally build far more resilient businesses that can withstand unpredictable threats and changes; secondly use technology far more efficiently to augment what they do and how they do it and thirdly, bring their customers to the very center and heart of their business.
The future of customer experience will favor the businesses that focus on service and experience differentiation. In the “Be Distinct or Be Extinct” talk, Femi shares unique insights that sets successful organizations apart from the rest in the "new normal". The fact is that disruption and change has ramped up significantly over the last 18 months and unless there is something distinct about the service you offer (or how you offer it….), you might not be able to retain your competitive advantage for much longer.

Femi Adebanji

Business Speaker

How to leverage the use of community members as brand ambassadors in Peri-urban and rural areas

Although still struggling financially, South Africa’s rural market remains very aspirational, from the latest clothing and fashion labels, mobile phones to financial services as well as food and cars brands. It is at the bottom of the pyramid that businesses need to invest in the correct ambassadors to drive conversation and consideration with this group of consumers.

Kani Rajuili

Research Director, FOSHIZI

The Future of Retail Décor, Refurbishments and Beyond

In keeping with the global consumer shift towards a more ecological standpoint, retailers and architects alike are increasingly specifying lightweight and sustainable materials that also offer Creative innovation and longevity. Innovatively leveraging the latest technologies allows faster turnaround times; quicker on-site installations with cost down benefits. These proven benefits reaped by early adopters in South Africa have influenced others around the world to embrace this material as a standard for the future.

James Beattie

CEO & Founder, XANITA

Digital Transformation in Retail Real Estate

Spurred on by the effects of the global pandemic, digital transformation is accelerating in the retail sector. Listen as global industry experts discuss the benefits technology is delivering to shopping locations and how global pioneers in our industry are deploying tech in retail real estate. In this exciting panel, thought leaders from the iconic Mall of America, leading retail proptech solution Mallcomm and pioneering strategic marketing company Excellerate Brand Management share their insight and advice on the digital era of retail property management.

William P. Kistler

Founder and Managing Partner, URBAN OVATION

John Ghermezian

Chief Business Officer, MALL OF AMERICA

Michelle Buxton


Darren Katz

Founder and Managing Director, EXCELLERATE BRAND MANAGEMENT